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Today i received an email from one of my blog’s reader.

Dear Code project,


Actually I am a Biology teacher in one of the private school.

I had prepared my lesson plan in a word document and a part of the lesson

was a graph diagram. I then send it to my gmail account and open it at school

to print the lesson plan.

I had noticed that the printed lesson plan did not have my graph.

Can you advise me how I can have my graph along with my lecture?


Reply :  Here are the options when you open an email having attachment . 





If you are trying to open by clicking on View as HTML It will never


show the diagram. You need to download the file first in your computer


anywhere C or D drive and then open and print it.


Hope this will resolve your problem.




Rana’s Blog Code Project 


One thought on “View as HTML

  1. Dear Code project,

    I really appreciate your quick reply.Actually a lot of teachers here in my school are not that computer wizard like you.

    Keep up the good work and wish that you will have time to answer even a petty or simple question like this.

    Mrs. Hussain

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