SQL SERVER 2005 – How to get Database Status

Here are queries to get the database status

SELECT state_desc DatabaseStatus_sysDatabaseFROM sys.databasesWHERE name = ‘DatabaseName’

Another way.


 Database status result


4 thoughts on “SQL SERVER 2005 – How to get Database Status

  1. Hi

    I’m bit confuse on Recovery_Pending and Suspect Status

    SQL Server 2005 SP3
    I followed this Sceanrio:

    Create a new database suppose name “Test”
    Stop the SQL Server
    rename the existing ../DATA/test.df file to …/DATA/test.sav
    Restart the SQL Server

    And run the following Query

    BUT When I Run:
    select state, state_desc, is_in_standby from sys.databases where database_id = db_id(’Test’)
    State 3, State_desc RECOVERY_PENDING, is_in_standy 0

    I found there is descripancy in the result
    State of Suspect is 4 in sys.databases but it shown 3 whixh is REcovery_Pending

    Would you please clarify this.
    Thanks in advance

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