Cannot load the DLL xpstar.dll

My database server giving me hard time after displaying this error.When I tried to search on the INTERNET, I was amazed every third person have the same error. Its so common.

“Cannot load the DLL xpstar.dll”

This error message happens because of many reason.

  • If you install some application on the database server.
  • got rebutted because of serge problem.
  • some how directly shutdown

Here is the solution.

Click here to Download this file and paste in the /BIN/ folder in the respective path.

another way to resolve it, repair sql server using installation CD.



One thought on “Cannot load the DLL xpstar.dll

  1. Few days before the same error “Cannot load the DLL xpstar.dll” was with me.I was much worried about it.I think its done due to direct shutdown of my system.I tried to remove it but i found no solution.Its really a great solution that you provide here.
    Great thanks.

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