Assigning Session to nothing or Session.Abandon

I have seen so many developers once they wanted to destroy session, they used

Session(“A”) = Nothing

Its not a good practice to assign nothing object.





The Session.Abandon method basically destroys a user session.

One thing I would add the current Session object will not delete untill the script on the current page have been processed completely.

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ResolveUrl Method

ASP.NET’s Control class which provide a wonderful method ResolveURL thats parse relative URL’s path and make it ready and fix URL into one that is readable and usable on the requesting client.
Using tilt sign ~ that makes control execute and search inside the application.

reference path : “~/images/joggee.jpg”



<img alt=”” height=”7″ hspace=”6″ src=<%=ResolveURL(“~/images/index_40.jpg”) %> width=”4″ />



Exporting Data from MS SQL SERVER to MySQL

Readers, always ask me to write on CURSOR, with their customize problem, But I normally write which will help
every one. One of reader asked me long back about the cursor and exporting data from MS SQL Server to MySQL.I had the same scenario, I need to export data from MS SQL to MySQL, and I have to do it quickly.
I didnt find on internet a better solution because of the time constraint.
I have acheived my task by using CURSOR and generate customize queries, So I can execute them at MySQL database and populate required data.

My main focus is to share how to use cursor and also one of the way to export data from MS SQL Server to MySQL. 

You can customize and replace your queries with one written below.

Lets Start. 

–insert records in a temp table

‘e50b13c57937586c4c6c6fa30f0bce24’ as ‘password’,
’33VPTHTe’ as ‘salt’,
‘dkRZvhwOMrXLwL8mSJA2PneuMkBCXD9aRLuWjgIF2grtYNW6bQ’ as ‘loginkey’,
user_email as ’email’,
‘1206339144’ as ‘regdate’,
‘1206423077’ as ‘lastvisit’,
‘0’ as ‘lastpost’,
snull(User_website,) as ‘website’,
isnull(user_icq,) as ‘icq’,
isnull(user_aim,) as ‘aim’,
isnull(user_yim,) as ‘yahoo’,
isnull(user_msnm,) as ‘msn’,
isnull(user_sig,) as ‘signature’,
isnull(user_allow_pm,‘0’) as ‘receivepms’,
isnull(user_notify_pm,‘0’) as ‘pmnotify’,
isnull(user_allowavatar,‘0’) as ‘showavatars’,
‘2’ as ‘usergroup’
into #temp
Where user_session_page<>0 

–Declaring variables to insert column values later
Declare @username varchar(1000)
Declare @password varchar(500)
Declare @salt varchar (250)
Declare @loginkey varchar(500)
Declare @email varchar(500)
Declare @regdate varchar(500)
Declare @lastvisit varchar(500)
Declare @lastpost varchar(500)
Declare @website varchar(500)
Declare @icq varchar(255)
Declare @aim varchar(255)
Declare @yahoo varchar(255)
Declare @msn varchar(255)
Declare @signature varchar(255)
Declare @receivepms varchar(255)
Declare @pmnotify varchar(255)
Declare @showavatars varchar(255)
Declare @usergroup varchar(10)

–declaration of the cursor

–Initializing of cursor for particular query result.

OPEN @getBB –opening a cursor
FETCH NEXT –Syntax of cursor to move next
FROM @getBB INTO — Inserting single row data as a column to variables

@username ,@password,@salt,@loginkey ,@email,@regdate,@lastvisit,@lastpost,
@website,@icq,@aim ,@yahoo,@msn,@signature,@receivepms,@pmnotify,@showavatars ,@usergroup

WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 — condition execute until record end


— Here you can write your customize result or further execution.

Print ‘ INSERT INTO users(username, password, salt,loginkey,email, regdate, lastvisit,
lastpost, website, icq, aim, yahoo, msn, signature, receivepms,



+ @username + ”’,”’+ @password + ”’,”’+ @salt + ”’,
+ @loginkey + ”’,”’+ @email + ”’,”’+ @regdate + ”’,
+ @lastvisit + ”’,’+ @lastpost + ‘,”’+ @website + ”’,
+ @icq + ”’,”’+ @aim + ”’,”’+ @yahoo + ”’,”’+ @msn + ”’,
+ @signature + ”’,”’+ @receivepms + ”’,”’+ @pmnotify + ”’,
+ @showavatars +”’,”’ + @usergroup + ”’);’
FETCH NEXT — Moving next
FROM @getBB INTO — Insert next record to the variables.
@username ,@password,@salt,@loginkey,
@aim ,@yahoo,@msn,@signature,@receivepms,@pmnotify,@showavatars ,@usergroup
ENDCLOSE @getBB — Closing variable
DEALLOCATE @getBB — removing from the memory
GO–droping table.

Hope this will solve Export data from MS Sql Server to MySQL and also explain a cursor.