TODO Comments

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3 thoughts on “TODO Comments

  1. Thanks Rana,

    yes I did the same, but I get the empty task list… I dont know where I am going wrong… I have team system edition.. but i dont think so it does make any difference…

    I can not ADD or CHANGE also

    i tried with
    // TODO:
    //TODO :
    // TODO :

    but nothing seems to work

    I am tired, now i am doing the same with xls file but its tedious…

    Your any clue can make my boat on the riverside…

  2. Hi Rana,


    It worked…

    You have to open that file in which you have inserted the comment… Otherwsie it will not show….

    The comment format is

    // TODO: Say something here

    Many Thanks for your support

  3. On the top of the Task List, there is a selection box to select if you want to see the Comments in the list, or the tasks. Select comments and you will see all your comment TODO’s. Hope this helps.

    Oz Amaro

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